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Reggae at the Santa Monica Pier
Morgan Heritage draws one of the summer's biggest crowds to the pier's Twilight Dance Series.
It was an exquisite evening in Santa Monica, where all types of people—rastas, families and people of all ages—danced, sang and clapped to the roots reggae of Morgan Heritage. You couldn't ask for a more beautiful night by the sea, or a more tremendous sunset to mark the friendly mood at the Pier, where not one bit of anger whisped in the sky.
Santa Monica's Twilight Dance Series has brought free concerts to the Pier now for 18 years, and on a Thursday in early August a pumped crowd of 3,500 could attest to the success of the series. Ecstasy filled the air as Patriarch Denroy Morgan led his troupe of offspring through real, heart-felt reggae straight from Jamaica for over an hour. The Morgan family’s vocal harmonies helped the crowd relax after a long day and dance away any stress or anxiety. People brought their video cameras and audio recorders, and no one cared if you stood in front of them for a song or two. The crowd if allowed would have stayed to the crack of dawn.

The evening of enchantment and powerful energy was produced by the Santa Monica Pier Restoration Corporation with King & Company and presented by New Times. Sponsors include the City of Santa Monica and the Santa Monica Pier Restoration Corporation.

The Santa Monica Pier Restoration Corporation was established in 1983 after a series of storms destroyed much of the pier. Initially a group of small businesses committed to maintaining the financial viability of the pier, it’s now a nonprofit corporation composed of businesses and community leaders representing the full range of community interests.
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