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ON THE CUTTING EDGE... The Internet tide is coming in, and among the shifts in our landscape are monumental changes in the music industry. “On the Cutting Edge,” we spotlight particularly sweet waves on the Internet horizon – websites at the forefront of these changes – to aid your surfing.
"destroying corporate music one note at a time” is the mantra of, a website devoted to the promotion of underground artists and the spread of music through the underground community. While the corporate megaliths may not have the site on their radar just yet (its content is limited to only a few artists), its ambitions are significant. They also accept demos. More...

see the future. The Future of Music Coalition sees it clearly, and it's a world where the fans get the music and the artists get the proceeds, as it should be. And they're  taking their case into the trenches— Washington, D.C.—to give us a much-needed voice. Check them out.

the short list. With a mission to "expose and illuminate the most creative and adventurous albums of the year," the Shortlist Music Project narrowed this year's Long List to ten of the best records from around the world, many of which have been largely unrecognized by mainstream media, and finallay to one winner. Much more here

music unbound. If you're ready to break free from the rigid confines of commercial music and look for new and better ways for the music scene to flourish, check these guys out

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