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Emerging from the shadows of his famous parents, young songwriter Ben Taylor and his band are poised to create their own niche in music history – and to give their share back to the music scene and the planet.
With a powerful debut album in stores this month and a nationwide tour to follow, the Ben Taylor Band may just be beginning its steep ascent to stardom, but 25 years of experience have shaped and honed the mind and talents of the son of James Taylor and Carly Simon.
“It was something that had to evolve in me. I don't think you can just wake up one morning and announce, 'Hey, I'm a songwriter.' Not even coming from my family. I think you have to go through a few life experiences to arrive at a point where you have something to say, something that means something, something that will make a contribution.”
The eclectic mix of genres on Famous Among the Barns, which should arrive in stores February 18th, testifies to the success of that slow aging process. Taylor’s debut presentation has a richness and complexity rare among songwriters his age, as standout songs like the elegiac and mystical instrumental that closes the album, “Tonight,” demonstrate. Other gems, "Let It Grow" and “Just Like Everyone Else,” hint at that elusive ability to craft pop perfection.
Ben's lineage may also play a role in the awareness of a responsibility to its community that the Ben Taylor Band has already displayed. Having already been involved in two benefit concerts, one for the US Ski Team and one for New York’s PBS affiliate, the band hopes to use its influence to increase the awareness of issues which need to be addressed for the human race and the planet earth to evolve in a healthy way.
“Ideally,” Taylor explains, “what I want to write about are things that have relevance not just in my life but in a universal sense as well. I want people to listen to our songs and feel or discover something new about themselves or the world we live in. That's the power of music: to move, to motivate, to make you ask 'What if?' or 'Why?' I think that music should give voice to people's emotions.”
Ben and the band perform at the Winter Olympics
“What we're looking forward to most is getting out there and touring around, meeting the masses,” says Taylor. “Connecting with the audience-that's what it's all about.” Check them out in your town….
02/17/2003 Hollywood, CA The Knitting Factory
02/18/2003 San Diego, CA Victors on the Bay
02/20/2003 Santa Ana, CA Galaxy Theatre
02/21/2003 San Francisco, CA Cafe Du Nord
02/23/2003 Mill Valley, CA Sweetwater
02/24/2003 Ashland, OR Q's Bar & Grill
02/26/2003 Portland, OR Roseland Grill
02/27/2003 Seattle, WA Tractor Tavern
03/01/2003 Whistler, BC Garibaldi Lift Co
03/02/2003 Vancouver, BC The Green Room
03/05/2003 Boise, ID T.B.A
03/06/2003 Salt Lake City, UT Zephyr
03/09/2003 Breckenridge, CO Sherpa's
03/13/2003 Denver, CO The Soiled Dove
03/14/2003 Boulder, CO Tulagi's
03/21/2003 Austin, TX T.B.A.
03/22/2003 Houston, TX University of Houston
03/23/2003 Dallas, TX T.B.A.
03/25/2003 Lawrence, KS T.B.A.
03/26/2003 Omaha, NE T.B.A.
03/28/2003 Minneapolis, MN T.B.A.
03/29/2003 Chicago, IL T.B.A.
03/30/2003 Madison, WI T.B.A.
04/01/2003 Detroit, MI T.B.A.
04/04/2003 Philadelphia, PA T.B.A.
04/05/2003 New York, NY T.B.A.

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